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Raiders contact former 49ers GM Scot McCloughan

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With the reported "sweeping changes" to the Raiders coming this off-season, there have been a couple of names that stood out among possible additions to the team's front office. One of the more intriguing and very plausible names was that of Scot McCloughan. Now, according to's Ian Rapoport, the Raiders have officially reached out to the former 49ers General Manager about a position with the organization.

The Redskins have also reached out to McCloughan so the if the Raiders want him, they will have some competition for his services.

If the name McCloughan sounds familiar to anyone, it's probably because there has been a member of the McCloughan family in the Raiders organization for the past 50 years.

Scot's father, Kent, played for the Raiders for six seasons from 1965 to 1970. He then joined the team's player personel department where he would spent the next 40 years. He retired following the death of Al Davis in 2011. But even in his retirement, he handed the baton to his son Dave (Scot's brother) who remains a college scout for the Raiders.

One would think with such strong ties to the Raiders and the Bay Area, the Raiders would hold the advantage in landing spots for Scot over the Redskins. That, of course, would be if all things are equal otherwise.

Scot is well-respected as a talent evaluator. He spent over 20 years in NFL front offices. He was last a senior personnel executive with the Seahawks in 2013 and in his 20 years in NFL front offices has three Super Bowl rings to show for it. He is credited with scouting the talents of players such as Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, and Russell Wilson among others. It was a drinking problem that caused him to leave the NFL and he has since owned his own scouting service. Now he's ready to return and is in some demand.

Along with his brother still working with the Raiders, his twin daughters also still live in the Bay Area with his ex-wife. Scot still resides in Washington state and a return to the NFL with the Raiders would put him close to his family as well.

McCloughan also worked with the Packers along with Reggie McKenzie and McCloughan's mentor is Ron Wolf -- one time Raiders and Packers GM.

There's no way to know yet if the Raiders hired McCloughan he would replace a current member of the personnel department or if they would create a new position for him. Currently the team has Director of Player Personnel Joey Clinkscales and Director of College Scouting Shaun Herock.

UPDATE: According to NFL Network's Mike Silver, Scot McCloughan turned down the job with the Raiders.

As I said "If all things are equal" which if the Redskins are willing to give McCloughan more control over the personnel department, that's a far more attractive position.