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Washington gives Scot McCloughan what Oakland would not

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Mr McCloughan is going to Washington. That is Scot McCloughan will become the General Manager of the Washington Dan Snyders. This a day after it was reported McCloughan had been contacted by the Raiders to take a job in the personnel department.

The meet with the Raiders didn't go very far, however. McCloughan wanted control of personnel moves and Mark Davis was unwilling to either replace Reggie McKenzie as General Manager or ask him to give up personnel control to McCloughan.

Silver added that Davis reached out to McCloughan one final time last night offering him the title of "President of Personnel"and McCloughan was not interested. He then headed to Washington where after a long meeting with owner Dan Snyder was signed to a reported 4-year deal to become the team's General Manger.

McCloughan is highly respected among NFL circles as a talent evaluator and since leaving the NFL a year ago due to an alcohol problem, he had been running a scouting agency in which several NFL teams paid him upwards of 75k to perform scouting services for them.

He had previously been the GM of the San Francisco 49ers and later a personnel executive with the Seattle Seahawks. McCloughan's ties with the Raiders include his father, who played for the Raiders and was a scout for the team for over 40 years, and his brother Dave who is currently a college scout in Oakland.