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Head coach Poll results: With 42% of the vote Raider Nation wants...

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Del Rio

The fans have spoken and with 2713 votes counted, 42% of Raiders fans want Jack Del Rio as the team's next head coach.

Do I agree? Yes I do.

He has a great deal of experience - 9 years as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars with a head coaching record of 68-71. He is well respected across the league and would essentially be taking his dream job as he grew up in the East Bay and his parents are Raiders season ticket holders to this day.

If the Raiders want him, they may have to wait a while. He is currently the Defensive Coordinator of the Broncos and wouldn't be available to take the post until the Broncos either get knocked out of the playoffs or after the Super Bowl, depending on how far they go. As if Raiders fans needed another reason to hope the Broncos to lose. They face the Colts this weekend.

Here is how the entire poll turned out:

42% Jack Del Rio (1148 votes)
16% Mike Shanahan (437 votes)
13% Tony Sparano (340 votes)
12% Todd Bowles (336 votes)
10% Pep Hamilton (263 votes)
5% Darrell Bevell (132 votes)
1% Pat Shurmur (25 votes)
1% Eric Mangini (21 votes)
0% Scott Linehan (11 votes)

Mike Shanahan coming in second is a bit surprising considering how hated he has been among Raiders fans for so long, but I get it. He is the only long time head coach in this bunch with an overall winning record. He also has a couple Super Bowl wins. Some Raiders fans can forgive and forget if it means winning.

Third on the list is current Interim Head Coach Sparano. He offers continuity and the players showed they wanted to play for him so giving him another shot wouldn't be the worst idea.

Todd Bowles expected to interview this week for the position and thus was on the list. He received 12% of the votes. Then it came out that he had taken the Raiders off his list of interviews. So much for that idea.

Pep Hamilton has run a pretty good offense in Indianapolis. The Colts are set to face the Broncos in the Divisional round of the playoffs this weekend. Hamilton is pretty well known in the Bay Area as the former Offensive Coordinator at Stanford. Having Andrew Luck in his offense dating back to Stanford helps things for him.

Darrell Bevell is an up and comer in the coaching ranks as the current Offensive Coordinator of the top seed Seahawks. He is very high on some lists, but based on these votes, Raiders fans want experience first and foremost. Well, unless that means hiring Eric Mangini and his five years of experience as a head coach. He doesn't inspire much enthusiasm here. Neither does his replacement in Cleveland, Pat Shurmur, or former Rams head coach Scott Linehan.