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Know the Enemy Daily Links 1/9: True homefield advantages in divisional round matches

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

AFC West


Did Broncos have a better running game this year than last year? - Mile High Report
After the debacle in St. Louis, the offense made a commitment to the running game and that commitment paid off. On the whole the running game was only slightly better this year than last. Read on to find out more.

NFL playoffs 2015: Predicting the Broncos-Colts game - Mile High Report
Will the bye week prove to be much needed rest, or un-welcomed rust?


It's time to build the "King" his Castle - Bolts From The Blue
The Chargers owe Philip Rivers a quality offensive line. He has done and given everything for this team and year after year they neglect giving him protection. Rivers has earned the right to have Tom Telesco build him a wall to stand behind.

Grades for the 2014 Regular Season - Bolts From The Blue
As befitting a team with a 9-7 record, and an identical number of points scored and points allowed, the 2014 Chargers graded out as a pretty average football team.


What if the Kansas City Chiefs ... went ALL IN at wide receiver? - Arrowhead Pride
A fun hypothetical for you to consider.

Hall of Fame 2015: Chiefs' Will Shields among 15 finalists announced - Arrowhead Pride
The former KC Chiefs guard is one of 15 finalists for the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame.


NFL did not previously see Ray Rice in-elevator video, according to Mueller report - ESPN
The NFL was deemed to have never previously seen the Ray Rice in-elevator video before the public saw it, according to findings released Thursday by an independent investigation led by Robert Mueller.

NFL divisional hosts all have distinct home-field advantages - LA Times
The way Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman sees it, there's no way for visiting teams to simulate the sensory overload of a playoff game at CenturyLink Field , and certainly not the next-to-the-freight-train noise that's almost constant when the opposition is on offense.