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If you thought fantasy football season ended in week 16, I've got some news for you. It is far from over. Fantasy is never over. That's how fantasies work, my friend. In that spirit, let's talk Fantasy for the Divisional round of the playoffs, shall we?


Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch

The Seahawks are playing the Panthers in Seattle and this looks to be the biggest mismatch in the playoffs. The number one seed, defending Super Bowl Champion in their house against the team that finished the regular season 7-9 and lucked out facing Ryan Lindley and the Cardinals in the Wildcard round. Expect Wilson and Lynch to light it up.

Aaron Rodgers

The worst passing defense in the playoffs is the Dallas Cowboys. Rodgers will be at home and you can forget about this supposed ankle injury. He'll be fine. And it's not his arm anyway, so R-E-L-A-X.

Demarco Murray

The Packers have the worst run defense of any team in the playoffs and Murray was the best running back in the league this year. It will also be a cold one so expect the Cowboys to rely heavily on their run game. Murray gets big yards this weekend.

Rob Gronkowski

By far the best receiver on the Patriots. The All Pro tight end is a must start in this offense every week.

Dez Bryant

Green Bay doesn't have a corner who can stop Bryant from taking what he wants. He led the league in touchdowns among receivers.

Peyton Manning

Expect a shootout in Denver with Manning versus Luck. Manning will be going to the air a good amount against a pass defense that is just so-so.

Jordy Nelson

Mr Dependable for the Packers. Rodgers will look for him often and the Cowboys don't have enough pass defense to keep him in check.


Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart (and most Panthers, really)

Not much good will come of starting most guys on this Panthers team against the league's best defense in Seattle.

Andrew Luck

He will be heading into Denver to face one of the better pass defenses in the NFL. Best to sit him.

Shane Vereen

As they say, LeGarrette Blount is going to "vulture" his carries and goal line plays.

Torrey Smith

Two words: Darrelle Revis. Smith is the Ravens best receiver which means he will face Revis who is still one of the league's best defenders. Smith won't win that battle very often.


C.J. Anderson

He has become quite a good back for Peyton Manning and the Broncos. The Colts don't have a great run defense, so you could see some good numbers from Anderson.

Joe Flacco

The guy turns it on in the playoffs. Hard to explain it, but he does. Even in Foxboro which is where the Ravens are headed.

Tony Romo

He is known for his postseason choke jobs, but something is different about him this year. He might shock the world... by not choking until the Conference Championship game (if he gets there).

Emmanuel Sanders

The Colts have one really good corner. That's Vontae Davis. While Davis is giving Demaryius Thomas his attention, Sanders could find some passes. He and Thomas both caught over 100 passes this season so it's a pick-your-poison situation in Denver.

Greg Olsen

Cam Newton will have to go somewhere with the ball. Not safe to test the Seahawks secondary too much, so when Olsen can get open, the 1000-yard tight end will see some passes.

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