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Raiders Charles Woodson finally intercepts Peyton Manning, TWICE, makes more history

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Woodson has been waiting a long time to intercept Peyton Manning. The two future Hall of Famers are two of only three players in the NFL from the 1998 draft class (Matt Hasselbeck is the other). And after 18 years in the NFL and 9 meetings, he finally got the interception he has been waiting for.

It was a big one too. Late in the second quarter, with the Broncos down 7-3, they were inside the 10-yard line and Peyton Manning threw over the middle, right in the the waiting arms of Woodson who picked him off in the end zone. It kept the Broncos from scoring before half time.

That is Woodson's third interception of the season, having had one in three consecutive games. It is his 63rd career interception which moves him into a tie for 7th in league history. He is tied with Ronnie Lott and Darren Sharper.

UPDATE: Charles Woodson picked off Peyton Manning AGAIN. Giving him four on the season and 64 for his career, to move him into a tie for 6th all time. Here are the updated all-time rankings.

1. Paul Krause+ 81 1964-1979 2TM
2. Emlen Tunnell+ 79 1948-1961 2TM
3. Rod Woodson+ 71 1987-2003 4TM
4. Night Train Lane+ 68 1952-1965 3TM
5. Ken Riley 65 1969-1983 CIN
6. Charles Woodson 64 1998-2015 2TM
Ed Reed 64 2002-2013 3TM
8. Ronnie Lott+ 63 1981-1994 3TM
Darren Sharper 63 1997-2010 3TM

Woodson also becomes the oldest player (39) to have a multi-interception game since the 1970 merger.