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AFC West home to NFL's top three edge defenders

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There's a bit of a double-edged sword for three AFC West teams right now. They all have the three most dominant edge deffenders (4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB) in the game according to Pro Football Focus grading. Those edge defenders are Von Miller, Khalil Mack, and Justin Houston.

If the Chargers had an edge defender to brag about, they might not have watched AARP All Star Mike Vick lead a game-winning drive against them Monday Night. They are the only team that has to face the other team's dominant edge defenders six times during the season.

Not only do the Raiders have Khalil Mack graded as the second best edge defender, they have Aldon Smith who is rated at the league's 10th best 3-4 outside linebacker. While Denver also has DeMarcus Ware as the fifth highest rated OLB.