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Growing feeling Raiders will be in Oakland in 2016 regardless of stadium situation

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There hasn't been much in the way of progress with regard to the stadium situation in Oakland for quite some time now. In fact, any progress that was once made, turned out to be fool's gold, causing them to scrap it and look at other options. While the City of Oakland and the Raiders sit in a stalemate, plans in Los Angeles have moved forward at a rapid pace, with the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers all expected to put in bids to be chosen to have their new stadiums built there.

The problem with that is the NFL doesn't want all three teams in Los Angeles. And should they be forced to choose between them, the Raiders seem to be the most likely of the teams to get left out of the equation.

Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, is the most eager of the three team owners to move his team and he got the ball rolling on all this by pushing forward on his stadium construction in Inglewood. That prompted the Raiders and Chargers to go in together on a shared stadium plan in nearby Carson.

The thinking behind the Raiders/Chargers stadium plan is that the league would have to choose between stadiums, not teams, which would pit the Rams vs Raiders/Chargers. Of all the teams in the mix here, the Raiders are the only one who is actively attempting to get a new stadium in their current city and is having the toughest time making that happen.

According to a recent report from Pro Football Talk, the league sees the Raiders with their current management structure as the team most likely voted down for the move to LA. While at the same time, the owners seem to be warming to Oakland as a better market for the Raiders, especially when considering with the NFL coming back, the LA area would then be home to nine major professional sports franchises. Compared to just two Oakland franchises (once the Warriors move to San Francisco), and seven total Bay Area franchises.

For that reason, the thinking is that the Raiders would be able to secure the investors necessary to build a new stadium in Oakland.There is still no plan in place in Oakland which means if they were to miss out on the LA market, they would be forced to take on the task of building a new stadium on their own.

That's a tough position for the Raiders franchise to be in. Mark Davis continues to work on bringing in a business partner to help his chances of being one of the team's chosen for relocation. According to Vincent Bonsignore of, that business partner would be "someone well connected to Los Angeles, and someone who will enhance the entertainment and development aspects of the Raiders and Chargers shared stadium project." He has a list of some interesting potential business partners as well.

Based on PFT's report as to the feeling among the owners, finding for the Raiders to find a viable partner in this endeavor would go a long way to helping convince the league they should be one of the teams chosen. But even if all that worked out, that doesn't necessarily mean the Raiders would be skipping town in a few months.

Saturday some interesting "murmurs" were revealed via Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News. What he's hearing is the Raiders could be looking to re-up with Coliseum for another two years.

Keep in mind, he is suggesting that this deal would be regardless of whether the Raiders were able to secure a new stadium in Oakland or Los Angeles. And considering a temporary stadium in the LA area has yet to materialize and the Raiders have plenty of fans in both Northern and Southern California, staying in Oakland, even with a stadium being built for them in Southern California is not the worst idea.

Though, ideally, if they continue to play in Oakland, it would be far better for all involved if their new stadium was being constructed in the shadow of their current one.