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NFL Week 6 Sunday early games picks, TV schedule, open thread

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the Raiders on their bye week, we can all sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the NFL play. You can root against the teams you don't like, root for the players on your fantasy players, or whatever. And you can chat about it here.

Most of you will see the Broncos take on the Browns (CBS) and the Steelers vs Cardinals (FOX). That is, of course, if you live on the West Coast. Though, if you're uncertain which games will be on in your area, click here for coverage maps.

Here is who the staff has winning the early games:

Week 6 Levi Asher Nitesh RDreamer Jeff Marcus Tyler G
Denver at Cleveland DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN
Chicago at Detroit CHI DET DET CHI CHI DET CHI
Houston at Jacksonville HOU JAX HOU HOU JAX HOU JAC
Cincinnati at Buffalo CIN CIN BUF CIN CIN CIN CIN
Washington at N.Y. Jets NYJ NYJ NYJ WAS NYJ NYJ NYJ
Kansas City at Minnesota MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN KC
Arizona at Pittsburgh ARI ARI PIT ARI ARI ARI ARI
Miami at Tennessee TEN TEN MIA TEN MIA TEN TEN

Good luck to your fantasy players and whichever teams are facing those teams you jeer.