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Raiders at Chargers broadcast map: Is the game on in your area?

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This week's broadcast maps for NFL's week 7 lineup is out at But most of you care about one game and that's the Raiders vs Chargers which will air on CBS at 1:05pm Pacific time (4:05 Eastern). That game is highlighted in yellow in the above map.

Here are the areas in which is will be shown:

1. California/Oregon/Nevada/Arizona - All of CA, Southwest OR, Northern NV, Southern AZ (not in Phoenix area)
2. Utah/Wyoming/Idaho - All of UT, Southwestern WY, Southeastern tip of ID
3. Washington/Idaho/Montana/Oregon - Eastern WA, Northern ID, Northwestern MT, Northeastern tip of OR
4. Minnesota/North Dakota - Nearly all MN, Eastern ND
5. Various markets surrounding Detroit, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, and Washington DC

Most of the country will see the Jets take on the Patriots (in red) including anyone in Alaska and Hawaii.

To see all the teams in this coverage map as well as the other coverage maps for the Sunday's slate of games, click here.