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Fantasy Focus: Raiders vs. Jets

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One fantasy week after everything went right for the Oakland offense and everything went wrong for the Chargers offense, the Raiders face another playoff hopeful in the New York Jets.

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Coming off of a dominant offensive performance against the Chargers, the Oakland offense will face a stiff test against the second-ranked Jets defense. Through seven weeks, the Jets are allowing the second-fewest yards and the fewest rushing yards per week.

Then again, last time I recommended Derek Carr as a snoozer against a good defense it didn't quite go so well...

Speaking of last week! A recap...

Latavius Murray was a solid pick (85 rushing yards, 1 TD) — especially considering Oakland only handed him the ball 15 times despite a massive YPC average. Phillip Rivers didn't have a pretty day, but he finished with 332 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions — overall an above-average fantasy day. The third stud of the week, Antonio Gates, ended up as an inactive.

The sleepers ended up being heavy sleepers, as Malcolm Floyd and Seth Roberts combined for a whopping two catches for 13 yards. After a great start to the season in this category, it seems my luck is turning.

Finally, in the snoozers, I listed Derek Carr (GULP) and Melvin Gordon. Carr, of course, was fantastic (or, at least had the benefit of fantastic YAC receivers), throwing for 289 yards and 3 touchdowns. Gordon, on the other hand, was hampered by an injury and turned out to be a good "snoozer" candidate — finishing with just 29 total yards.

Now, on to the Raiders and the Jets...


Amari Cooper — With the stout run defense of the Jets likely to stifle the Oakland run game, the Raiders are going to need explosive plays in order to stay in it. Enter Cooper. I expect to see a bunch of short screen passes like we did last week, which could leave cooper with 6-7 catches and 6-7 opportunities to take it to the house.

Ryan Fitzpatrick — Without many people noticing, Fitzpatrick is quietly putting together a really solid season for the Jets. I expect Oakland's defensive backs will have a tougher test this week than they did last week with an erratic Phillip Rivers.

Brandon Marshall/Eric Decker — Take your pick this week, but both should have solid weeks against David Amerson and DJ Hayden.


Latavius Murray — It seems odd to find him here after so many weeks as a "Stud", but against the No. 1 rushing defense, it would be bold to leave Murray in the starting lineup. That said, Murray is averaging a solid 4.4 YPC this season and could surprise people this Sunday.

Chris Ivory — Like Murray, most weeks, Ivory would be a must-start, but, also like Murray, Ivory is matched up against one of the best run defenses in the league. The key for Ivory is his ability to catch passes out of the backfield (ala Danny Woodhead last week), and that's where he could make a big impact.

Clive Walford — Walford saw his snap count jump over Mychal Rivera for the first time last week, and things are only going to get better for Walford — especially as defenses learn to respect Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree more and more.


Jets D — Last time I put a defense on here against the Raiders it didn't go well, but I'm going to try this again. The Raiders have playmakers all over the place and could put up 20 points on just about anyone.