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NFL week 8 game picks: Not in the tank for Raiders just yet

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After a performance like the Raiders had through three quarters last week in San Diego, it's easy to be a prisoner of the moment. It works both ways too, like after the Raiders terrible loss in the opener against the Bengals. Especially as a Raiders blog, it's easy to look at the most recent performance and see that as the team's new standard for excellence or futility.

I fell for that somewhat in my pick against the Raiders last week. There have been twice this season when I went away from my game-by-game predictions from the preseason -- the games in Chicago and in San Diego -- and both times I was wrong. I picked the Jets to win this week's game and I'm sticking with that prediction, right or wrong. Will I keep doing that the rest of the season? Probably not. But for now, let's go with that.

Even with my failed pick of the Raiders game (along with Marcus as the only other whiffer), I managed to pull in a week leading 12-2 mark, having only gotten the London game incorrect where the Jaguars took down the Bills -- a game the entire staff picked incorrectly. Also coming in at 12-2 was RDreamer who missed incorrectly picked the Steelers to beat the Chiefs.

And for the third week in a row, bringing up the rear was Tyler with a 7-7 mark. He was doomed by being the only one to pick the Browns and Cowboys to win.

This week we have five unanimous picks to win. They are the Cardinals, Falcons, Rams, Seahawks, and Panthers. And the staff is 4-2* in favor of the Jets beating the Raiders.

Week 8 Levi Asher Nitesh RDreamer Jeff Marcus Tyler G
Week 7 total 12-2 11-3 8-6 12-2 9-5 8-6 7-7
Overall record 72-33 70-35 68-37 67-38 65-40 65-40 59-46
Miami at New England NE NE MIA NE NE NE NE
Detroit at Kansas City KC KC KC KC KC DET KC
Minnesota at Chicago MIN CHI CHI MIN CHI CHI MIN
Arizona at Cleveland ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI
San Diego at Baltimore SD BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL SD
Tampa Bay at Atlanta ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL
N.Y. Giants at New Orleans NO NYG NO NO NO NO NO
Tennessee at Houston HOU HOU TEN TEN HOU HOU HOU
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh CIN PIT CIN CIN PIT CIN CIN
San Francisco at St. Louis STL STL STL STL STL STL STL
N.Y. Jets at Oakland NYJ NYJ OAK ??* NYJ NYJ OAK
Green Bay at Denver GB GB GB GB GB GB DEN
Indianapolis at Carolina CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR

*RDreamer's pick for the Raiders game will be revealed in his Friday Forecast article.

The community picks had some good picks this week. One bested our staff's best with a 13-1 mark. 20crow's only mistake was picking the Colts to not suck vs the Saints. Here are all the best of the community picks from last week courtesy of Adds99.

2015 Week 7 20crow slipkid33 Demnes ryrivers Adds99 coloraider TAW kyraider raidernation263 hamsterWmca sly b* Indy Sakeraiders STATRAIDER
Week 7 Rank 1st 2nd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd
Week 7 Record 13-1 12-2 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3 11-3
Overall record 57-34 66-39 67-38 65-40 65-40 61-44 59-31 56-33 56-49 55-34 52-21 46-27 44-31 11-3

If you would like to submit your picks, keep an eye our for Adds99's weekly fan post article.