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Raiders Donald Penn fined by NFL for late hit vs Chargers

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Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It was inevitable. Donald Penn put a late hit on Chargers' defensive lineman Corey Liuget last week and has been fined $8681 for his transgression. But lest ye think the league is not being fair, considering Liuget was also involved in the incident, he too was fined the same amount for his part in it.

Penn had a couple of unnecessary roughness penalties called on him Sunday. One cost the Raiders a chance at a touchdown in the second quarter and the other took them out of field goal range in the fourth quarter.

The fines were for the first play which saw the Raiders' line push Marcel Reece to the one-yard line in what would have been second and goal. When Penn came up to clear the pile and get his teammate, Liuget kicked at him from the turf. This set Penn off and of course, as often happens, it was his retaliation that was flagged.

Liuget was not penalized for his actions, so despite what should have been offsetting penalties at the time, but was not, the league still handed down the fine.