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Five Good Questions with Gang Green Nation

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This week I spoke with Jets blogger Scott Salmon to get the scoop on the Raiders next opponent.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

1. I have long thought Ryan Fitzpatrick was underrated as a pro quarterback, and said at the time that Geno Smith going out was good news for Jets fans. How much of the Jets' success can be attributed to him and has the way he has performed this season been a surprise to yourself and the fans?

Fitzpatrick is still the weak link on the offense, without a doubt. That said, he has been better than I think most people expected, and this may be the best year of his career (despite being on pace to throw for more interceptions than Smith ever threw). He has been fairly efficient and not made a ton of mistakes. His limitations are very clearly on display, such as an inability to throw deep. However, he has still allowed the team to do what it has always done best; run the ball and play great defense, without too much interference from the quarterback.

2. Rex Ryan is defensive coach and yet it would appear it took bringing in Todd Bowles to get the most out of that Jets defense. Why do you suppose that is?

I think there are two parts to that answer. The first is that teams caught up to what Ryan was trying to do after all those years, and a fresh look has caught teams by surprise. The second is that the defensive talent is simply the best the team has had since 2009/2010, when considering both the defensive line and secondary.

3. A lot of Raiders fans thought Leonard Williams (a Raider fan growing up) would be the Raiders' pick at fourth overall. They went with Amari Cooper, which at this point looks to be the right choice. How has Williams performed so far for the Jets? Has he looked worthy of his selection?

He really has. He's looked completely as advertised (as has Cooper). He can stop the run and rush the passer, from multiple positions on the line. It helps that he's had Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson opposite him, but he looks like a savvy veteran out there.

4. Outside of Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, who has been the biggest addition to this Jets team this season?

It has to be either Brandon Marshall or Darrelle Revis. Revis for obvious reasons, but Marshall finally gives the team a game breaker on offense that can turn a game around on its head. He's been the biggest part of the offense this year, other than Chris Ivory, and the Jets simply haven't had a receiver this dominant in a very, very, very long time.

5. What is the Jets biggest weakness and what would the Raiders have to do to exploit it?

If the Raiders can slow down the run and short passes, the Jets are going to have issues on offense simply because Fitzpatrick can't throw farther than fifteen yards. That was one of the main issues they had against the Patriots; an injured Ivory struggled to get going and the short efficient passes Fitzpatrick relies on just weren't there.

On defense, it's the linebackers. David Harris is having his best season in years, but the outside linebackers are basically non-existent, so if the Raiders can find a way to get mismatches on them, the Jets might struggle. In particular, they struggle with shifty backs, so that's one way to get a mismatch on them.

I will add the link to my answers to his questions when they're posted.