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Raiders Charles Woodson moved into top ten in NFL career interceptions Sunday

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Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

For the second game in a row, Raiders safety Charles Woodson came up big with an interception. While this one against the Bears wasn't of the game-sealing variety as it was against the Browns in week 3, it was still big. And this one had some history attached to it.

The former cornerback came into the game ranked 11th all time with 61 career interceptions. A rank he had held since last season when he passed up Emmitt Thomas (58).

Sunday was Woodson's 62nd career interception which put him in a three-way tie for ninth all-time along with Dave Brown and Hall of Famer Dick LeBeau.

He has now officially reached rarified air and from here, every interception means a another spot. The next interception would move him into a tie for 8th All-time with Darren Sharper and Ronnie Lott (63). Another INT after that, he moves into a tie for 6th all time with Ed Reed (64). The next one after that puts him in the top five, tied with Ken Riley (65).

Here is what the top ten looks like now:

+Denotes Hall of Fame

1. Paul Krause+ 81 1964-1979 2TM
2. Emlen Tunnell+ 79 1948-1961 2TM
3. Rod Woodson+ 71 1987-2003 4TM
4. Night Train Lane+ 68 1952-1965 3TM
5. Ken Riley 65 1969-1983 CIN
6. Ed Reed 64 2002-2013 3TM
7. Ronnie Lott+ 63 1981-1994 3TM
Darren Sharper 63 1997-2010 3TM

9. Charles Woodson 62 1998-2015 2TM

Dick LeBeau+ 62 1959-1972 DET
Dave Brown 62 1975-1989 3TM