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Raiders confident Latavius Murray will bounce back from two turnovers vs Bears

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Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Last Sunday, the Raiders lost a hard-fought game in Chicago. That game was all the more challenging due to two costly turnovers from running back Latavius Murray.

The first of those turnovers was a pass that bounced off his chest and was intercepted to give the Bears the ball at the Oakland 15-yard line midway through the second quarter. The other was a pitch play in the fourth quarter that Murray fumbled and was recovered by the Bears at the Oakland 42.

The plays were uncharacteristic of Murray, who has been quite dependable thus far. What Jack Del Rio said were both "simple concentration issues" that won't continue to be a problem.

"I remain confident," said Del Rio. "None of us are perfect. We all are capable of making mistakes. I think the sooner you own up to mistakes, the quicker you can put them behind you and move forward. I know we have some really good, young, talented football players that are not going to be. We're going to put them in situations, expecting them to play well. If they don't, they'll learn from it we'll move forward."

Prior to the first drop by Murray, he had left the game briefly with an injury. It was the very next time he saw the ball that it bounced off his chest for the interception, which makes one wonder if the injury play a part in the drop.

Following his second turnover, he didn't return to the game. Del Rio insisted Murray was not "benched", though the team went with Roy Helu Jr at running back the rest of the way.

"I would characterize it us as using the members of our football team in a fashion to give ourselves an opportunity to win the game." said Del Rio.

That choice could have been made because Murray wasn't right due to his injury, or because the coaches simply didn't trust him after having had two turnovers already.

Following the game, Murray took responsibility for the turnovers, or as Del Rio wanted of him to "own up to (his) mistakes".

No choice now but to stick with your workhorse back and expect his mistakes won't become a habit. Also, hope it isn't an injury that will continue to bother him.