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Raiders, Rams, Chargers all expected to file for LA relocation, vote could happen as early as January

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The NFL owner's meetings happened today in New York with one of the major focuses being the status of the three teams interested in relocating to Los Angeles. Those three teams are the Raiders, Rams, and Chargers.

According to Art Rooney II -- who is chairman of the LA relocation committee -- all three teams are expected to apply for relocation. That would have the Rams applying to inhabit their Inglewood location while the Raiders and Chargers apply to share the site in Carson.

The NFL is expected to vote on the relocation as early as January, but the vote could be pushed back depending on various factors, including should any of the three teams be in the playoffs.

Here are a series of tweets from various sources which followed the statements made on relocation at the owners meetings today.

There wasn't a lot of new information on the status of relocation other than this. And no decisions were made so the situation is still fluid.