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Week 5 NFL Game Picks: 2-2 Raiders open AFC West play

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After a tough week in which the Raiders were road favorites for the first time in three years and the staff unanimously picked them to win, the whole staff was wrong. This week they face the Broncos with most of the staff taking the Raiders to fall.

The big winner for the second week in a row was Nitesh, who now has a two-week record of 27-4 to land him in third in the rankings. Asher got lucky and correctly picked both of the crap-fest overtime prime time games to jump into the lead with an 11-4 mark last week.

This week there are five unanimous picks. Expected winners this week are the Packers, Falcons, Cardinals, Patriots, and Giants.

Week 5 Asher Levi Nitesh Tyler G Marcus Jeff RDreamer
Week 4 total 11-4 9-6 12-3 9-6 9-6 9-6 8-7
Overall record 42-21 41-22 39-24 38-25 38-25 37-26 36-27
Indianapolis at Houston HOU HOU HOU HOU IND IND IND
Cleveland at Baltimore BAL CLE BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL
St. Louis at Green Bay GB GB GB GB GB GB GB
Buffalo at Tennessee BUF BUF BUF BUF BUF TEN BUF
New Orleans at Philadelphia PHI PHI NO PHI NO PHI PHI
Washington at Atlanta ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL
Seattle at Cincinnati CIN CIN SEA CIN CIN CIN CIN
Chicago at Kansas City KC KC CHI KC KC KC KC
Jacksonville at Tampa Bay JAX JAX TB JAX JAX TB TB
Arizona at Detroit ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI
New England at Dallas NE NE NE NE NE NE NE
Denver at Oakland DEN DEN DEN OAK DEN DEN ??*
San Francisco at N.Y. Giants NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG
Pittsburgh at San Diego SD SD PIT SD PIT PIT PIT

*RDreamer's pick for the Raiders game will be revealed in his Friday Foretelling.

Two community prognosticators matched our staff's best this week. Tyrants Hubris did it despite picking the Raiders and TAW was one of the few who correctly picked the Bears to win last week. Here are the top picks from last week.

2015 Week 4 Tyrants Hubris TAW Hansgrohe Blackfreighterraider TOWNBIZZ25 Killuminati Jstwin98 Demnes Baman slipkid33 brett_iv hamsterWmca kyraider Sakeraiders ALZADOKNOWS
Week 4 Rank t-1st t-1st t-2nd t-2nd t-2nd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd t-3rd
Week 4 Record 12-3 12-3 11-4 11-4 11-4 10-5 10-5 10-5 10-5 10-5 10-5 10-5 10-5 10-5 10-5
Overall record 40-23 40-23 27-20 25-6 11-4 41-22 40-23 39-24 39-24 36-27 35-28 31-16 27-20 26-21 10-5