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Raiders vs Jets week 8 game time open thread

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are back in Oakland after a by week and a dip down to visit their SoCal fans in San Diego. These Jets are no Chargers. They are closer to the Broncos as they are led by their defense. In fact, the Broncos and Jets are one and two in the NFL in defense and the Jets have the NFL's top run defense.

On the other hand, the offense will be without All Pro starting center Nick Mangold. See the entire list of inactives here.  We'll see if that plays a major factor in the game. Their offense gets running back Stevan Ridley back from PUP to team up with Chris Ivory.

Here are the staff's picks for this game:

Week 8 Levi Asher Nitesh RDreamer Jeff Marcus Tyler G

The old AFC logos are in the end zone for a bit of nostalgia. As you can see here:

Raiders fans don't need an excuse to dress up. But, regardless, Happy Dia De Los Muertos.