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Del Rio: Investigation into Ray Ray Armstrong for taunting police dog 'Silly'

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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders have had one of the best behaved team's in the NFL as far as their players breaking any laws of the land. That streak may have come to an end with Ray Ray Armstrong, and it is one of the more strange situations that he is currently embroiled in.

Before the Raiders took on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ray Ray was taking on a police dog in the hallway. Apparently, he decided it was a good idea to taunt "Bandit" the police dog by barking at him and banging on his chest. The Pennsylvania police disagree and do not think it was such a good idea for Ray Ray.

"The dog was going crazy," said Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus about the disturbance.

"The deputy was trying to control the dog the best she could. We were immediately notified about the incident, and we immediately initiated a criminal investigation into the matter."

The dog's handler Maria Watts also made a statement about the incident, and she was not amused in the slightest.

"Bandit was very agitated. He wanted me to let him go. I imagine with his training and experience he would have gone to his target who was taunting him. I don't want to speculate on what he would have done," police deputy Maria Watts said in her statement. She also said that "nobody, from the Sheriff down" was happy about Ray Ray's actions.

As you can imagine, something like this isn't going to make it's way past the head coach's attention. Jack Del Rio was a guest on Bill Polian and Alex Marvez's radio show on SiriusXM NFL Radio where he briefly addressed the situation.

"I've caught wind of this story. I'm going to put it in the 'silly' category," Del Rio said on the radio show. "I think once the facts come to light I don't think there's going to be much of an issue. I wouldn't make too much of it."

Hopefully he is right, because I don't think anybody wins if the PA police do levy charges on Ray Ray Armstrong. The police look petty, the NFL gets involved with personal conduct rules involved, and Ray Ray Armstrong would be looking at some pretty severe punishments for his actions. Ruff.