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NFL week 10 early games open thread

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Week 10 gets into full swing today with a full slate of early games. Most of the country, as well as California will see the Browns and Steelers on CBS. Though, due to the Raiders on FOX in the afternoon, there is no morning game on FOX. Here are all the games and who the S&BP staff has picked to win:

Week 10 Levi RDreamer Asher Jeff Marcus Tyler G
Detroit at Green Bay GB GB GB GB GB GB
Jacksonville at Baltimore BAL BAL BAL BAL JAX JAC
Chicago at St. Louis STL STL STL STL STL STL
Cleveland at Pittsburgh PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT
Carolina at Tennessee CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR
New Orleans at Washington NO NO NO WAS WAS NO
Dallas at Tampa Bay TB DAL DAL DAL DAL TB
Miami at Philadelphia PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI

Most of the really good games are in the afternoon. Including the one most of you are interested in.