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Raiders vs Vikings week 10 game time

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's cold. Well, it's cold for California. And it's gusty out here, which may affect a field goal or two or mess with punts when they're in the air. Otherwise it's a beautiful day in Oakland for some football.

This should be a really good game. Both teams have their top running backs ready to go and their 2014 top QB prospects playing well. The Vikings have a tough defense but the Raiders offense has been lighting up errbody lately. The fans are expecting to see more of what they saw two weeks ago when the Raiders scored big on the Jets and launched themselves into the playoff picture.

Even with the loss last week in Pittsburgh, the Raiders are still in the thick of that playoff race. A win today would keep them in that in the thick of it while a loss would have them on the outside looking in.