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The Morning After: Raiders vs Vikings, Week 10

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Some games hurt more than others, this is one of those games. The Minnesota Vikings walked into Oakland and made themselves at home. Sure, the Oakland Raiders had there chances, but the Vikings were the better team yesterday.

What is really disappointing is that every time the Raiders have a chance for a statement victory, they let it slide through their fingers. That shows that they just are not quite there yet. We want them to be good so badly that now that they are not incompetent we want to crown them as arrived. Games like yesterday prove that they are still very much a work in progress.

An example of this came in the 2nd quarter of yesterday's game. The good version of this team came back from a 13-0 deficit to take a 14-13 lead, it seemed like the Raiders found a groove and were going to start taking it to a very talented Minnesota Vikings team. Then the bad version came back out, and the ensuing kickoff was returned for a touchdown by Cordarrelle Patterson.

Just like that, the air was let out of this team. It was like a hole being punched into a hot air balloon, they deflated and fell to their death after that. One day soon this team will be able to rebound from a shock like that, but yesterday they could not. The momentum was gone, the Vikings were ahead and they stayed ahead til the clock struck zero.

That's not to say that there weren't moments for the Raiders even after that kick return touchdown, there were. They were consistently getting pressure on Teddy Bridgewater even though he managed to sneak away from it more often than not, they got the one drive down to the goal line near the end of the game before Derek Carr got intercepted in the end zone while trying to do a little too much.

There were moments for this Raiders team, but they just couldn't get over the hump. They are a good team, but they just are not a good enough team yet to win the tough games. There are too many mistakes being made to come out with a victory in games like this, too many problems to overcome just yet.

The interception that Derek Carr threw in the end zone was very frustrating, he had the taller Andre Holmes on Terrance Newman but he was rushing it to get the extra play off before the 2 minute warning. Height is one thing, but experience is another and Terrance Newman knew that the ball was coming his way from the moment it was snapped.

The Raiders still had a long way to go even if they score on that play, but the interception essentially ended the game right there. The defense then let Adrian Peterson scamper through for his 80 yard touchdown after that but it really didn't matter anymore after the interception. All that touchdown did was make the game look like a blowout when it was actually a well fought game.

That isn't to blame the loss on Carr though, they win as a team and they lose as a team. Plus, Derek Carr and the offense did bring the Raiders back from that 13 point deficit in the first half. That does take a lot of talent and wherewithal, the Vikings have one of the best defenses in football so not every team could have made that comeback. That still means something, even in a loss.

The reason this loss hurt so much more than most though is because we feel like this team is better than they really are. It seemed like the Raiders had already arrived, but they haven't. They can beat the teams they are supposed to win against, but the better teams are still ahead of them overall. Minnesota this year is one of those better teams.

Luckily, the Detroit Lions are not one of those better teams though and they are the next opponent for the Raiders. This is a game that the Raiders can use to get back on track and so is the game after that against the Tennessee Titans. Both the Lions and Titans are 2-7 teams that should be games that the Raiders win, though nothing is certain in today's NFL by any means.

If they can get these next two victories in a row then maybe they will have developed into a team that can beat a team that is better than them. Confidence and experience goes a long way and going on another mini streak would reinvigorate everybody. It also would be big in the playoff chances for this team. Though these two losses are catastrophic to their chances of making the playoffs they do not kill them outright.

If the Raiders can get these next two wins they would be 6-5 going into the thick of it of their schedule. They need those wins to have a chance at even being .500, let alone trying to steal a playoff spot. I still have faith that they can do that and continue to grow as a team, even if in the back of my mind I am worried that the team will fall apart all over again like they have through most of this millenium.