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Texans vs Bengals Monday Night Football open thread

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the 3-5 Houston Texans take on the 8-0 Cincinnati Bengals on ESPN for Monday Night Football. Nobody has to tell Oakland Raiders fans how good the Bengals have been this year. They annihilated the Raiders 33-13 (33-0 really, all of the Raiders points came in garbage time) back in Week 1. They are an elite team this year and a Super Bowl contender if they can actually win a playoff game for once under Marvin Lewis, but whose bitter?

The Texans on the other hand are at just 3-5 but if they win tonight they will be tied with the Indianapolis Colts for 1st place in the AFC South. They have a great receiver in DeAndre Hopkins who is listed at 3rd in the NFL for receiving yards this year for their offensive star and perpetual defensive player of the year candidate J.J. Watt leads their defense.

How big of a game this is for the Texans and the fact that the Bengals are undefeated still this late in the season makes this game interesting. Hopefully it will be a good one, though the Bengals can make even good teams look bad this year. They have been very impressive, the Texans not so much. Any given Sunday Monday right?!

Every staff writer for the Silver & Black Pride weekly picks chose the Bengals to win.

Where: Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio

When: November 16, 8:30 p.m. EST / 5:30 p.m. PT


Announcers: Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden.

Online streaming: Verizon NFL MobileWatch ESPN

Odds: Cincinnati is favored by 13 points at home over Houston, with an over/under of 47, according to OddsShark.