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Raiders week 10 Ballers & Busters vs Vikings

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It was a second-straight loss for the Raiders as they gave the Vikings a nice welcome to Oakland. The stat of the day was Adrian Peterson's 203 yards rushing which was reached with an exclamation point 80-yard touchdown run.

For the first time in a month, the Raiders didn't get out to a fast start. It was the Vikings who got the fast start and the Raiders played catch-up. Once they did catch up, the lead was lost immediately on a kick return for a touchdown. After clawing back in it, they were unable to take back the lead after that while the Vikings quite literally ran away with the game.


Mario Edwards Jr

Find the ball carrier for the Vikings and you found Edwards right there. By the end of the game, the Vikings were probably pretty sick of looking at him. He teamed up for the first tackle of the day on a 3-yard Adrian Peterson run. Later in the same drive, with the Vikings in first down from the Oakland 13-yard-line, Edwards had another run stuff for a 2-yard gain. Unfortunately, the Vikings were still able to get the touchdown on the next play.

The following drive he ended with a sack on third down. Edwards ended the next drive with tight coverage on the tight end in the back of the end zone to force an incompletion. So, in the first three drives, Edwards excelled in run stopping, pass rushing, and coverage. The trifecta.

Late in the first half, the Vikings were trying to put together another scoring drive before heading to the locker room. Edwards broke into the backfield and chased down Teddy Bridgewater, forcing him to throw the ball away. A stop on third down forced a long 53-yard field goal try into the wind which Blair Walsh would miss wide right.

To start the third quarter, Edwards was back at it. He had a run stop for a short gain and a few plays later tracked the running back down the field on a pitch play to tackle him short of the first down marker to force a punt.

On a drive early in the fourth quarter, Edwards had three tackles - two against the run and one on a short catch to set up third down. The Vikings would settle for a field goal.

Edwards finished leading the team with 11 tackles (8 solo) along with a sack, tackle for loss, and two QB hurries. A fine day for this rookie second round pick who seems to get better every game.

Dan Williams

It's strange, really, in a game the Raiders gave up 263 yards on the ground that the Ballers would be topped by two defensive linemen, but that's just how it shook out. And it also shows you that run defense is not just a defensive line statistic. Williams' 7 combined tackles were his most this season and his 5 solo tackles were his most since 2012. This despite playing 65% of the snaps on defense.

Wiliams teamed up with Edwards for the first tackle of the game on a 3-yard run. He added another tackle on a 3-yard run a few plays later. In the second quarter, the Vikings had a mix-up on a handoff and Williams was right there to make them pay for it, tackling Peterson for a 3-yard loss.

He added a run stuff in the third quarter for a 2-yard gain. Then on a drive in the fourth quarter he had three run stuffs for gains of 1, 3, and 1 yards and the Vikings kicked a field goal to go up 23-14.

Malcolm Smith

Coming in second on the team with 9 tackles (6 solo) was Malcolm Smith. The second drive he had a run stop at the line and coverage to force an incompletion. He had another run stop at the line on the next drive and got lucky when he left the tight end wide open and he dropped the ball.

The next drive was not great for Smith, with two missed tackles; on an 11-yard run and the other on a 16-yard catch. The drive resulted in a field goal and a 13-0 Vikings' lead. He took that back late in the first half with a tackle for a 2-yard catch on third and four to force a 53-yard field goal attempt which was missed.

The Vikings' first series of the third quarter didn't go far in part because of Smith perfectly reading a screen pass to stop it for a three-yard loss.

Honorable Mention

Michael Crabtree - His first catch went for 13 yards on the first touchdown drive. His next two catches were each third down conversion for 15 yards on third and 14 and 5 yards on third and 4. His final catch went for 22 yards on the Raiders last chance to get back in the game late in the fourth.


Derek Carr

He was a lot closer to being a Buster. He threw for 302 yards but 65 yards of that came on the final drive which was meaningless to the outcome. He had two interceptions in the game. The first came with the Raiders down 7-0 and the Vikings were able to capitalize off of it to add a field goal to take a 10-0 lead.

He had two touchdown drives in the first half which brought the Raiders back from down 13-0 early to taking the lead 14-13, but the remainder of the game, he did basically nothing. The next drive, he opted for a 3-yard toss to Mychal Rivera over the middle on third and 17.

On the first drive of the third quarter, he nearly threw another interception and the drive stalled two plays later. The next drive ended with an 8-yard dump on third and 20. The drive after that, Carr's pass fell incomplete short to Amari Cooper on third and four. The drive after that, Carr's pass was again intercepted, this time in the end zone for a touch back. On the Vikings' first play, Peterson ran 80 yards for the game sealing touchdown.

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