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Raiders Report Card Week 8 vs Jets: Defense holds on against Jets

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With the offense clicking on all cylinders, the question for Oakland was whether the defense could keep up. The answer? A resounding yes.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Bend but don't break — with the offense scoring at the rate it is, it seems like this has become the defensive unit's motto the past two weeks. For the second week in a row, they inherited a massive lead in the second half and did all they could to hold on — fortunately this week's opponent was Geno Smith, which makes the job a bit easier.

From a yardage point of view, the Raiders defense currently ranks 26th in the league, and from a points-per-game point of view, they're 19th. Neither stat is good, but on Sunday, they didn't need "good", just "good enough" — and they got that in spades.

Defensive Line: A+

Look, it's my first time doing the report card piece, and I feel like I'm being too generous with all of these A+'s, but I mean, come on! This unit held Jets running backs to just 28 yards on 18 carries — including Chris Ivory's 15 carries for 17 yards. And this was against a unit that ranks among the top 10 rushing attacks.

The group also paved the way for three sacks and NINE(!) tackles for loss. With all of those negative plays, it's no surprise that the Jets only scored on four of their 11 drives on the day.

Linebackers: A

Another group that deserves some credit for the lack of a run game for the Jets, the linebackers looked great on Sunday. In the passing game, backs and tight ends combined for just six catches for 49 yards.

Defensive Backs: B

Not a bad game for the defensive backs, but they did allow the Jets to throw for a total of 292 yards (including 265 from Geno Smith), with a combined QB Rating of 89.9. That said, the unit contributed to a big team win and slowed the Jets offense enough to give the Raiders a 14-point victory, thanks in part to yet another interception for Charles Woodson.

Defense Overall: B+

Would have hoped for more with Geno Smith playing a majority of the snaps, but given the big lead they had early, 20 points against and 366 yards allowed is nothing to scoff at. Overall, a good day for the Oakland D.

Special Teams: A-

One missed field goal (albeit a long one) is the only blemish on an otherwise solid day for this unit. Sebastian Janikowski did make two field goals and all four extra points, while Marquette King averaged 45-yards per kick on his only three punts of the day. Also, Taiwan Jones provided a spark in the return game, including a long return of 41-yards.

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