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New stat index shows 2015 Raiders are best blocking team in NFL

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

You remember OLR? If you don't, let me refresh your memory. It was the Offensive Line Rating which was introduced a few years back by the site The Pulling lineman as a way of ranking each NFL team's offensive line. At one time the statistic was widely respected and saw some notoriety, but by 2013 the statistic faded away.

Since then, the guys who were behind the OLR have been working on how to tweak that statistic. And last week they rolled out the new version of which includes not just the offensive line but all blocking by each team.

The new stat is called GOBI or Gaskin Offensive Blocking Index.

GOBI looks at a few key areas to measure blocking, puts them into a specific formula designed by Phil Gaskin, adds an adjustment to account for the strength of the opposing defense, and results in a single number that tells you just how good (or bad) each team's offensive blocking is.

When quantifying several areas including yards-per-carry, rushing TDs, rushing first downs, negative runs, sacks and QB hits, the result as of last week put the Raiders as the top blocking team by a wide margin over the rest of the NFL.

Here is the top five in the index as of week 10:

Oakland Raiders, GOBI: 22.28
Cincinnati Bengals, GOBI: 13.41
Pittsburgh Steelers, GOBI: 8.60
Carolina Panthers, GOBI: 6.97
Kansas City Chiefs, GOBI: 6.11

See the entire 32 teams here.

Here is what writer Gur Samuel had to say about the Raiders top GOBI ranking:

People might have expected the Raiders to improve a little bit as Derek Carr matured, but not many were expecting them to be as competitive as they've been this season. GOBI reveals certainly one of the factors in why the Raiders are playing so well - simply put, they are blocking better than any other team in the NFL right now. We can see how GOBI correlates to other stats out there.

The offensive linemen who get the credit for this high rating are (from left to right) Donald Penn, Gabe Jackson, Rodney Hudson, J'Marcus Webb, and Austin Howard. They are coached by longtime offensive line guru Mike Tice. And since this is about all blocking, you can add the likes of Lee Smith, Jamize Olawale, and Marcel Reece in there as well.

In case you were wondering, the Raiders' next opponent, the Lions, have the second worst GOBI score in the NFL at -24.49. Which, as our recent conversation with Pride of Detroit lead writer Jeremy Reisman revealed, that seems pretty accurate.