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Jets waive Quinton Coples, should Raiders put in a claim?

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets dropped a bombshell today when they announced they were dropping former first round pick Quinton Coples. And in light of the Raiders recently losing Aldon Smith to a one-year suspension, they seem like a pretty good landing spot for Coples.

Despite the fact that the new Jets coaching staff didn't seem to have much use for Coples, he was actually a fairly good pass rusher in his previous three seasons in the NFL.

The former 16th overall selection out of North Carolina in the 2012 draft appeared in nearly every game over his first three seasons, starting most of them in his second and third season. He put up 16.5 sacks over those seasons from the rush outside linebacker position.

This offseason the the Jets changed coaching staffs and Coples found himself barely seeing the field (a total of five snaps on defense Sunday) and was ultimately released.

As with most Jets castoffs, the first place people expect him to land is Buffalo where his former head coach Rex Ryan is now. But if Ryan wants him, he would have to hope no one in the waiver order takes Coples ahead of him. The Bills are currently 23rd in the waiver order. The Raiders are ninth.

As far as cap money, that is not a big issue. He is due just $535k for the remainder of this season. That jumps up to $7.75 million next season, so Coples would have to have a hell of a six-game audition to earn a return next season.

Coples' situation is very similar to that of David Amerson. The former second round pick didn't fit in with Jay Gruden's new scheme in Washington and was waived following week two of this season. The Raiders claimed him off waivers and he is now one of the better cornerbacks on their roster.

I say Coples is worth a shot. If he works out, they can talk about his contract in the offseason. If not, they can cut ties after this season.

What do you think?