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NFL 2015 Pro Bowl voting: Charles Woodson leading vote getter, several other Raiders top ten at position

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL in the latter part of the season, Pro Bowl voting is in full swing. And the Raiders are fairly well represented among the top vote getters. Chief among them is the ageless Charles Woodson who leads all safeties in Pro Bowl votes.

Not only does Woodson lead all safeties in votes, but he leads them by a very wide margin. His 107841 Pro Bowl votes is nearly twice that of the next highest vote getter at strong safety -- Seahawks Kam Chancellor who has 54530 votes.

Woodson, a former Defensive Player of the Year, is tied for the NFL lead with five interceptions on the season.

Other Raiders to land in the top ten at their position are as follows:

Marcel Reece -- 2nd Fullback
Taiwan Jones -- 5th Special teamer
Derek Carr -- 6th Quarterback
Amari Cooper -- 6th Wide receiver
Khalil Mack -- 6th Defensive end
Marquette King -- 6th Punter
Rodney Hudson -- 7th Center
Sebastian Janikowski -- 8th Kicker
Latavius Murray -- 10th Running back

Here are the top tens at each of the positions in which the Raiders are represented:


1 New England Patriots Brady, Tom

2 Carolina Panthers Newton, Cam

3 Cincinnati Bengals Dalton, Andy

4 Green Bay Packers Rodgers, Aaron

5 Arizona Cardinals Palmer, Carson

6 Oakland Raiders Carr, Derek

7 New Orleans Saints Brees, Drew

8 San Diego Chargers Rivers, Philip

9 New York Giants Manning, Eli

10 Denver Broncos Manning, Peyton

Running back

1 Atlanta Falcons Freeman, Devonta

2 St. Louis Rams Gurley, Todd

3 Minnesota Vikings Peterson, Adrian

4 New Orleans Saints Ingram, Mark

5 Arizona Cardinals Johnson, Chris

6 New York Jets Ivory, Chris

7 Chicago Bears Forte, Matt

8 Seattle Seahawks Lynch, Marshawn

9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Martin, Doug

10 Oakland Raiders Murray, Latavius

Wide receiver

1 New York Giants Beckham, Odell

2 Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio

3 Atlanta Falcons Jones, Julio

4 Arizona Cardinals Fitzgerald, Larry

5 Houston Texans Hopkins, DeAndre

6 Oakland Raiders Cooper, Amari

7 Cincinnati Bengals Green, A.J.

8 New England Patriots Edelman, Julian

9 New York Jets Marshall, Brandon

10 Denver Broncos Thomas, Demaryius


1 Carolina Panthers Kalil, Ryan

2 New England Patriots Andrews, David

3 New York Jets Mangold, Nick

4 Dallas Cowboys Frederick, Travis

5 New Orleans Saints Unger, Max

6 Miami Dolphins Pouncey, Mike

7 Oakland Raiders Hudson, Rodney

8 Cleveland Browns Mack, Alex

9 Cincinnati Bengals Bodine, Russell

10 Green Bay Packers Linsley, Corey


1 Carolina Panthers Tolbert, Mike

2 Oakland Raiders Reece, Marcel

3 Green Bay Packers Kuhn, John

4 Baltimore Ravens Juszczyk, Kyle

5 Atlanta Falcons DiMarco, Patrick

6 New York Jets Bohanon, Tommy

7 Minnesota Vikings Line, Zach

8 Seattle Seahawks Coleman, Derrick

9 San Francisco 49ers Miller, Bruce

10 Pittsburgh Steelers Johnson, Will

Defensive end

1 Houston Texans Watt, J.J.

2 New England Patriots Jones, Chandler

3 Seattle Seahawks Bennett, Michael

4 Cincinnati Bengals Dunlap, Carlos

5 Detroit Lions Ansah, Ezekiel

6 Oakland Raiders Mack, Khalil

7 New York Jets Wilkerson, Muhammad

8 Carolina Panthers Allen, Jared

9 Philadelphia Eagles Cox, Fletcher

10 St. Louis Rams Quinn, Robert

Strong Safety

1 Oakland Raiders Woodson, Charles

2 Seattle Seahawks Chancellor, Kam

3 Indianapolis Colts Adams, Mike

4 Kansas City Chiefs Berry, Eric

5 Carolina Panthers Harper, Roman

6 Arizona Cardinals Johnson, Rashad

7 Miami Dolphins Jones, Reshad

8 Arizona Cardinals Bucannon, Deone

9 New England Patriots Chung, Patrick

10 Denver Broncos Ward, T.J.


1 New England Patriots Gostkowski, Stephen

2 Baltimore Ravens Tucker, Justin

3 Denver Broncos McManus, Brandon

4 Carolina Panthers Gano, Graham

5 Seattle Seahawks Hauschka, Steven

6 Dallas Cowboys Bailey, Dan

7 New York Giants Brown, Josh

8 Oakland Raiders Janikowski, Sebastian

9 Green Bay Packers Crosby, Mason

10 Minnesota Vikings Walsh, Blair


1 Baltimore Ravens Koch, Sam

2 New England Patriots Allen, Ryan

3 Pittsburgh Steelers Berry, Jordan

4 Indianapolis Colts McAfee, Pat

5 Carolina Panthers Nortman, Brad

6 Oakland Raiders King, Marquette

7 Atlanta Falcons Bosher, Matt

8 Miami Dolphins Darr, Matt

9 Seattle Seahawks Ryan, Jon

10 New York Giants Wing, Brad

Special teamer

1 Carolina Panthers Webb, Joe

2 New England Patriots Slater, Matthew

3 Baltimore Ravens McClellan, Albert

4 Arizona Cardinals Bethel, Justin

5 Oakland Raiders Jones, Taiwan

6 Cincinnati Bengals Peerman, Cedric

7 Chicago Bears Acho, Sam

8 Denver Broncos Bruton, David

9 Green Bay Packers Banjo, Chris

10 Minnesota Vikings Thielen, Adam