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Raiders week 8 Ballers & Busters vs Jets

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much left to be said about the Raiders big win over the Jets on Sunday that hasn't already been said. They didn't just win the game, they dominated the 4-2 Jets across the board.

Starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was lost on the first drive, which put the Jets' offense in the incapable hands of Geno Smith the rest of the way. That plus the Jets being without All Pro center Nick Mangold put the Jets' offense at a decided disadvantage. They would need to rely on their second ranked defense and top ranked run defense. And the Raiders put it on that defense, scoring 34 points and over 450 yards of offense.

The game proved the 2015 Raiders are the real deal. And many of the Ballers in this game are the reason why.


Derek Carr

Last week was arguably a better overall performance for Carr than he had in his big week two performance against the Ravens. And this week topped both of those games. He threw for 333 yards and 4 touchdowns in this game. On a couple of those TD passes, he had help from his friend YAC, while the other two were all him.

Those two TD passes by Carr both went to Andre Holmes. The first was a 5-yard fade on their first drive and the second was probably his best pass of the season for a 49-yard bomb up the right sideline to Holmes which put the Raiders up 21-3 in the second quarter.

His second touchdown pass of the day went to Michael Crabtree who had found a soft spot in the zone. It looked to be stopped at around the 15-yard line for a 20-yard completion, but Crabtree fought through tacklers to finish it off for a touchdown. The other was a short pass to Taiwan Jones which he weaved his way through prospective tacklers for a 59-yard score. That put the Raiders up 28-6 early in the third quarter and the Raiders were rolling.

Along the way to those four scores, Carr was hooking up with his receivers for key completions to keep the offense moving down the field. He converted three third downs on passes - two on the second touchdown drive and one on the third.

Just like last week, the offense slowed down after the opening drive of the third quarter and the defense gave up scores. But this time, the offense was able to add a couple field goals to retain a two score game late. The final field goal was set up by a 16-yard completion from Carr to  Crabtree.

Latavius Murray

No team in the league had given up fewer rushing yards coming into this week than the Jets. Opposing teams were averaging 74 yards per game against them and only one other back had run for over 100 yards -- Ryan Mathews with 108. Murray had the most yards (113) and yards per carry (5.7) than any back this season.

The first time he touched the ball, he broke a couple tackles on his way to 26 yards. He added a 6-yard run later in the drive which set the Raiders up in firsts and goal from the 6-yard-line. They scored their first touchdown two plays later. He would begin the next drive with a 6-yard run and added a 6-yard catch as the Raiders drove for their second touchdown.

The third drive featured a 12-yard run and again resulted in a Raiders touchdown. He had ANOTHER 12-yard run on the next drive to put the Raiders in field goal range, though Sebastian Janikowski would miss the 52-yard attempt.

Just like last week, Marquette Kind didn't punt in the firsts half and just like last week, the Raiders drove for a touchdown to start the second half as well. That drive began with an 8-yard run by Murray followed by a 2-yard first down run.

Latavius was far from done. With the next drive starting at the Oakland 36-yard-line, Latavius tried to take it the rest of the way himself. He broke off a 25-yard run and a few plays later, Janikowski would line up for another 52-yard attempt - this one he would make to put the Raiders up 31-13. Latavius added a 9-yard run followed by a 2-yard first down run on the following drive to set up the Raiders' final field goal as well. The Tay Train laughs at your number one rush defense.

Gabe Jackson, Rodney Hudson

I can't give Latavius Murray all the credit for those runs. His blocking had a lot to do with it, with these two doing some serious work on the Jets' stout interior line. On consecutive drives in the second quarter, Murray had 12-yard runs. The first Hudson laid the key block and the second was Jackson who pulled to the right side. Both of them cleared the way for an 8-yard run to begin the third quarter.

On the next drive, Hudson blocked for Murray to break off a 25-yard run. He added another block on a 9-yard run to end the third quarter. Later on that same drive, Hudson had a crucial hands to the face penalty the wiped out a 10-yard run by Taiwan Jones, that had the Raiders settling for a field goal. But that penalty doesn't overshadow the big blocks he made in this game.

Michael Crabtree

Crabtree battled Antonio Cromartie most of the day. And Crabtree won those battles. After starting the game with two catches for 15-yards, he laid a big block to help Latavius Murray go for 26 yards. Those plays set the Raiders up at the 17-yard-line and the scored the touchdown a few plays later.

Carr went for Crabtree on the next drive for 5 yards on third and four in which he fought through Cromartie to get the first down. Then two plays later, Crabtree found a big soft spot in the zone over the middle. He took the pass about 15 yards out, turned up field, broke through two tacklers - one of whom was Cromartie - then broke another tackle on his way to a 36-yard touchdown catch.

The Raiders final scoring drive began late in the third quarter. The first play went to Crabtree who took the pass for 24 yards. That drive ended with a 16-yard catch by Crabtree that put the Raiders in range for a 47-yard field goal. It gave the Raiders a 3-score lead at 34-13.

Crabtree finished as the Raiders leading receiver with 7 catches for 102 yards and a touchdown.

Bill Musgrave

Musgrave concocted the perfect game plan to exploit the Jets' defense. They are stout in the middle, so he spread them out - something he no doubt perfected working under Chip Kelly - and the Jets were helpless to fill the huge gaps that resulted. The pitch plays, short passes, and bubble screens had the Jets completely out of sorts. Then when they were protecting the short stuff, suddenly Andre Holmes was streaking up the sideline. Then the very next play to begin the following drive was a bubble screen to Marcel Reece that went for 15 yards.

And while the Jets were putting Darrelle Revis on Amari Cooper to try and take him out of the game (even though he didn't) Crabtree went off.

This is the second-straight week Musgrave has put together such a game plan for the Raiders offense that allowed them to take a big early lead. Last time the offense completely disappeared late. This time they showed up with a couple field goals late - one that could have been a touchdown drive if not for a costly penalty.

Khalil Mack

He got into the backfield on second play of the Jets first drive for a tackle for a loss of three. Later on the same drive, on third and five, he got in the backfield again. He was held, but there was no call. The pressure forced Ryan Fitzpatrick out the pocket, where he scrambled for 12 yards. At the end of that run, Charles Woodson tackled him and Fitzpatrick injured his thumb. Therefore it was essentially Mack's pressure that ushered in Geno Smith. And from there on out, the Jets had basically no shot.

Mack had a run stuff on the next series which ended in a three-and-out and later added another run stuff tackle to help force the Jets to settle for a field goal before half time. He would add three more run stuffs in the game, including another tackle for loss. And on the Jets' final possession, Mack sacked Geno Smith for an 11-yard loss. The only blemish to Mack's day was the touchdown the tight end with him in coverage. It was a pretty good pass that was set up by Geno Smith rolling out of the pocket and buying time. And it wasn't enough to overshadow Mack's day which had him third on the team with 6 tackles (5 solo), lead the team with three tackles for loss.

Taiwan Jones

Before Taiwan Jones had his big 59-yard touchdown catch, he was already having a good day. He made the first play of the game, tackling the return man on the opening kickoff to stop them at the 15-yard line. Since he started the game with the first play, it's only fitting he started the second half with the biggest play of the game.

On the fourth play of the drive, Derek Carr threw for Taiwan on a short pass into the flat and Taiwan did the rest. First he broke a tackle from a linebacker. Then a DB came streaking in to try and lay a big hit on him and Taiwan stopped in his tracks as the DB flew past him. Then he stutter stepped and ‘broke the ankles' of the next guy and got up to speed quickly as he high stepped out of the grasp of a final tackle attempt and streaked for the 59-yard touchdown. It was the kind of run we've been waiting five years to see from him. And it was his first career touchdown and it gave the Raiders their biggest lead of the game at 28-6.

He was the next Raiders player to touch the ball, and he picked up where he left off, returning the Jets kickoff 41 yards to the 36-yard-line. The field position helped the Raiders to get into range for a Janikowski 52-yard field goal. This one he made and the Raiders went up 31-13. Jones also had a 10-yard run called back by a penalty.

Andre Holmes

He made two plays in this game. Both were touchdown catches. He caught the Raiders' first touchdown on a fade pass from five yards out. In the second quarter, he got behind Antonio Cromartie and battled Cromartie the whole way up the sideline. Holmes pulled in the pass and took it 49 yards to pay dirt. It put the Raiders up 21-3 and they never looked back.

Charles Woodson

I have run out of superlatives to describe CWood. He gave up just two catches for 16 yards in this game. And following the aforementioned big Holmes touchdown grab, Woodson had a big grab of his own. On the very next play, he swooped over from his safety spot to intercept a Geno Smith long ball pass along the left sideline.

He finished with 4 tackles (4 solo) including a stop on third down to force a three-and-out on the Jets' second series.

Denico Autry

The news the Raiders would get Denico Autry back this week didn't seem like big news. Then you see the impact he had in this game and you realize how important it was. Autry was living in the Jets backfield in this game. He had 5 tackles (5 solo) in this game along with a sack, 2 tackles for loss, and 2 QB hurries. Most of those plays were made late in the game to ensure the Raiders kept a good lead.

With the Raiders up 31-13 late in the third quarter, Geno Smith couldn't find an open receiver. Autry stayed with the play to sack Smith and force a punt.

The Raiders extended the lead to 34-13 on the next series. On the ensuing Jets drive, Autry burst into the backfield to stop the run for a 4-yard loss. The following drive, Autry got two pressures to force incompletions; the second one on fourth down to turn it over on downs.

Honorable Mention

Aldon Smith - He had a tackle for loss on the Jets first drive, a run stuff early in the second quarter, a pressure for an incompletion on a three-and-out late in the fourth quarter, and a run stuff on third and 21 on the Jets final drive.

Amari Cooper - Despite being guarded by Darrelle Revis all day, Cooper had 5 catches for 46 yards. Among them was a 12-yard catch which was meant for Crabtree and was tipped. 7-yard catch on third and 2.

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