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Raiders week 12 playoff outlook: Oakland must cool off red hot playoff-bound teams to reach postseason

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With their win on Sunday, the Raiders improved to 5-6 on the season, just one game under .500. The win puts the Raiders firmly in the playoff picture, just a game out of a wildcard spot. Here is the AFC playoff picture as it stands now:


1. Patriots (10-1)
2. Bengals (9-2)
3. Broncos (9-2)
4. Colts (6-5)
5. Chiefs (6-5)
6. Texans (6-5)

In the hunt:

Jets (6-5)
Steelers (6-5)
Raiders (5-6)
Bills (5-6)
Jaguars (4-7)
Dolphins (4-7)

It's been a while since the Raiders were in this conversation this late in the season. But to stay in this conversation will get incredibly difficult from here on out.

Next up the Raiders face the Chiefs who have won 5-straight after starting the season 1-5. They actually have to face the Chiefs twice in the final five games, including the final game of the season.

After the Chiefs, the Raiders head to Denver to face a Broncos team that is playing their best football with Brock Osweiler now replacing the injured Peyton Manning. They just knocked off the previously undefeated Patriots Sunday night.

After that, the Raiders face the Packers who also started the season undefeated at 6-0. They have not been near as good since then, losers of four of their last five games. Granted two of those losses were against the Broncos and undefeated Carolina Panthers and the other two were against teams which already beat the Raiders this season -- the Lions and Bears. Their one win was against the Vikings who also beat the Raiders this season.

Only one team the Raiders face over the final five weeks doesn't currently hold a spot in the current playoff picture. They face the Chargers on Christmas Eve. They have already beaten the Chargers this season amidst what was a 6-game losing streak for San Diego prior to pulling out a win against the Jaguars Sunday.

If the Raiders were to somehow make the playoffs, they would have certainly earned it.