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Raiders injury update: Rodney Hudson "day to day", Neiron Ball "still a question mark"

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday, the Raiders were missing a couple key pieces to their team. Most notably was Rodney Hudson who re-aggravated his sprained ankle in week 11, causing him to miss his second start of the season. He had missed one start when he initially suffered the injury, and it could be his missed start Sunday could be all this time as well.

"He's day to day at this point," Jack Del Rio said of Hudson. "We'll see how the week goes if we can get him back and practicing."

Another key player missing from the lineup has been Neiron Ball who has been out a month with a knee injury. From the sounds of it, he could miss more time.

"Neiron Ball is still a question mark." Del Rio added.

When Ball initially suffered the injury, his expected down time was about a month which would have his schedule for return this week. The Raiders could use his help on defense mostly with his ability to cover tight ends. In his absence, the Raiders have experimented with various lineups, including fellow fifth round rookie Ben Heeney seeing more playing time.