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Former Raider Anthony Wayne Smith Convicted of 3 Counts Murder

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There have been a lot of people accused of doing horrible crimes that were at one point or another an NFL player. Darren Sharper has hall of fame football credentials but was also a serial rapist, same can be said on the rapist part for former Giant Dave Maggettt, and nobody will ever forget the tale of New England Patriot TE Aaron Hernandez who is convicted of murder among others.

Unfortunately, we now have another name to add to that terrible list and this one was a former Oakland Raider. Anthony Wayne Smith was a Raider for 7 years, and a 1st round pick for them. He amassed an impressive 57 sacks and 190 tackles before retiring in 1998.

Sadly, he also apparently killed two brothers in 1999, along with stabbing another man to death in 2001.He also was accused of a 4th murder charge but the jury was unable to come back with a decision. All three convictions were of crimes where there was said to be kidnapping and torture involved.

Anthony Smith will be facing a sentence of life without parole for his crimes, though no official sentence has been handed down as of yet. His lawyers have already assured the media that he will be appealing these convictions due to a lack of evidence.

This is a sad story that puts another former NFL player in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Many of the longer time fans of the Raiders will remember rooting for Anthony Smith while he accumulated those 57 sacks. It is terrible to know that the same man they rooted for on Sundays went out and committed these awful acts that he was convicted of.

Our thoughts go out to all the families involved in this terrible ordeal.