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Raiders LB Ray Ray Armstrong fined for hit on Geno Smith

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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

There were a couple big hits the Raiders made on Jets quarterback Geno Smith last Sunday. One of those hits has yielded a fine from the league. The first hit came from David Amerson early in the fourth quarter after Smith had scrambled up the right sideline for 29 yards. Smith popped up from that one and appeared to be fine. The second hit came on the team's final drive when Ray Ray Armstrong stuck his helmet in Smith's chest. He didn't pop up from that one.

Smith writhed around on the ground in pain for a couple minutes after the hit. In the meantime, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had left the game on the first drive with a hand injury, warmed up on the sideline. Fitzpatrick had been ruled out for the remainder of the game, but the Jets had no other options, so he had to return to the game. Fitzpatrick completed a 25-yard pass play on his first play in the game and Smith soon returned to the game.

The hit by Armstrong didn't yield a flag, but after reviewing it, the league saw fit to hand down a $17,363 fine to Armstrong for it for leading with his helmet.