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Raiders set new NFL record low in first half vs Broncos

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

There are some record you don't want. This is one of them. In the first half of their game against the Broncos Sunday, the Raiders have accumulated a net of -12 yards. That's negative 12 yards. And it's an NFL all time record for fewest points in a half.

Per Stats Inc, who first began recording such stats in 1991, no team has had fewer yards in a half as noted by AP's Josh Dubow.

Net yards includes sack yardage, of which the Raiders lost 24 yards -- one on a strip sack that was recovered by Austin Howard and a 14-yard sack of Carr.

The only positive yards the Raiders were able to accumulate came on two completions for 7 yards and four rushes for 6 yards.