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Two Raiders lead their position but aren't top 5 in Pro Bowl voting

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

There is just one day remaining to select the started for the 2015 Pro Bowl. And as of last count, there are a couple Raiders players who are deserving of Pro Bowl bids who aren't in the top five in Pro Bowl voting - Khalil Mack and Marquette King.

It has always seemed ridiculous to me that Pro Bowl votes are tallied with still three games remaining in the season. A lot can happen in the final three game. Even the last couple games prior to the deadline get  lost in the shuffle as most of the votes have already been counted by then.

This means guys like Mack and King may not get their late season heroics taken into consideration.

Mack especially has been spectacular of late. He has 9.0 sacks in the past three games and had a Raiders franchise record 5.0 sacks Sunday against the Broncos. His last sack gave him the NFL lead with 14.0.

As of last week Mack was 6th in Pro Bowl voting at the defensive end spot, behind second place Chandler Jones by nearly 70k votes. Mack was left out of the Pro Bowl last season because his many quarterback pressures equated to just 4.0 sacks. Now he has the sacks. He should be in the Pro Bowl.

King has also seen some of his best performances of late. Last Sunday he tied a franchise record by placing five punts inside the Broncos' 20-yard line. His 31 punts inside the 20 are second in the NFL behind only Rams punter Johnny Hekker (35) who has punted 16 more times this season. Hekker's 35 pins inside the 20 is a 43% success rate while King has pinned teams inside the 20 on 48% of his 64 punts - that's best in the league. King also has fewer touchbacks (4) than Hekker (5).

King has a big leg and this season he has used it well, booming punts high in the air, making them difficult to field. Because of it, he has had 15 punts in which the returner stayed away from it and it was downed by the kicking team. That's tied for tops in the league with Broncos Britton Colquitt.

As of last week King was also 6th in Pro Bowl voting, out of the top spot by nearly 13k votes. That should change.

As of last week Charles Woodson was the only Raiders player leading votes at his position. He has 7 takeaways and 5 interceptions this season to back that up.

Again, there is just one day remaining to get your votes in.

You can cast your vote for the Pro Bowl right here.