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Derek Carr's reaction to Khalil Mack's sack total Sunday is priceless

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Most of us were in stunned disbelief as Sunday's game progressed and we watched Khalil Mack destroy the Denver offensive line. We watched as he racked up sack after sack. But if you are Derek Carr, in the heat of the game, you spend most of your time on the side studying the opposing team's defensive alignments and preparing to go back out there.

Carr probably had some sense of what was going on, but he came into the locker room without a full scope of exactly what Khalil Mack did. When he was told of Khalil Mack's sack total in the game, his reaction was as you might expect.

"Five?!," Carr said as his voice went up a few octaves. "Son of a..." which I'm sure would have ended with "gun" as that's about as close to profanity as you'll ever hear from him.

Then you hear someone exclaim "Haha! for the record!" as Mack's five sacks tied the Raiders franchise record set by Hall of Fame pass rusher Howie Long back in 1983. That total also gave Mack the league lead with 14.0 sacks on the season.