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Injury to Jon Condo will force Raiders to add long snapper

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the key moments in Raiders win over the Broncos last Sunday was a fumble recovery on a muffed punt. Long snapper Jon Condo recovered the muffed punt and the Raiders were able to score a touchdown off the turnover. However, with the big play, Condo left the game injured.

"It was great play," said Del Rio. "Obviously they fumbled the ball and [Jon Condo] was able to come up with the ball out of the pile. That's where he suffered that injury. It was a huge moment in the game for us to come up with that turnover."

Condo was unable to come back in the game to snap for the extra point which forced the Raiders to go for two and they weren't able to convert.

This is a situation the Raiders have been in before. Early last season Condo went out with an injury and his replacement, Travis Goethel, had a horrible game, with a high snap on a punt and allowing a blocked punt. It was then the Raiders realized they needed to do a better job of preparing their backup long snapper.

The problem is, the Raiders backup center is Lee Smith who recently had surgery on his hand making him unavailable to perform long snapping duties.

Though Condo was able to return to the game later to snap for a field goal attempt, the snap was a bit off line, forcing Marquette King to use his receiving skills to pull it in and put it down in time for the kick. Though Sebastian Janikowski would miss it wide left.

With Condo's return to the game, it was assumed that he was fine, to which Del Rio said "I wouldn't make that assumption. He had tests today and we'll see what we need to do going forward."

"It's not great news coming back. We'll see how it goes. I think there's strong likelihood that we'll have to make the move and bring another guy in."

From the sounds of it, not only will the Raiders have to bring in a long snapper, but Condo's status the remainder of the season is in doubt.