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Raiders punter Marquette King snubbed for AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So, let me get this straight; A player places five punts inside the 14-yard-line, one that led to a safety, and a sixth punt that resulted in a turnover and a touchdown and he's NOT the Special Team Player of the Week? The other guy must have done some pretty special stuff to deserve the award over him. Let's see what he did.

The winner of the award was Rashad Greene of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He returned a punt 73 yards for a touchdown. A kick return for a touchdown. Which happens just about every week in the NFL. It must have been a crucial, game-winning/saving play then. The Jaguars barely pulled out their win over the Colts 51-16. A real nail biter. So, yeah, that makes perfect sense. It was the only return Greene had in the game.

King's day was not one that happens often. As I mentioned before, he placed five punts inside the 14-yard-line. He tied a franchise record for punts downed inside the 20. One of those was a perfectly executed coffin corner kick that went out at the 2-yard-line which led to Khalil Mack's strip sack in the end zone for a safety.

He also booted one 55 yards in the air and Emmanuel Sanders was unable to handle the high arching kick, muffing it at the 11-yard line. The Raiders recovered and scored the final go-ahead touchdown three plays later.

Most of this was in the second half which contributed greatly to the Raiders holding the Broncos scoreless in the second half. Far more a part of the WIN than Greene and his lone punt return in a blowout.

I don't usually get up in arms about stuff like this, but come on. This is ridiculous.