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Raiders cornerbacks David Amerson, DJ Hayden each 'top' NFL in two very different ways

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Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Today longtime NFL man Gil Brandt was going through and listing how NFL players stand in various statistical categories. Several Raiders players topped their respective positions, but not all of those "top" positions were a list they wanted to top. A perfect example was the opposing ends of the spectrum upon which Raiders cornerbacks David Amerson and DJ Hayden lie.

Amerson is tied  with Ronald Darby for the NFL with 21 passes defended. Here is the top five list as tweeted by Brandt:

Meanwhile, Hayden's 68% burn rate is tied for the NFL lead (that's not a good thing).

There were no Raiders defensive backs among the list of the lowest burn rates which was headed up by Darrelle Revis and Patrick Peterson who both had a 40% burn rate.

Another list which was topped by a Raiders player was drop rate. That also isn't a list on which any receiver wants to land, but rookie receiver Amari Cooper tops it with a 12.7% drop rate. To be fair, he also leads all rookie receivers with 920 receiving yards this season.

Khalil Mack also showed up in the stats. He leads the NFL with 14.0 sacks on the season and his 47 QB pressures is among the best in the league. Reigning Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt leads the league with 69 pressures.