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Filed under: 2014 Draft do-over has Raiders stars off the board in top two picks

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

There are no do-overs with the NFL draft. Each of the 32 teams have their shot and they make their choice. But a few of those teams would probably like to make different choices with their top picks. At least that's what thinks. They have the top two picks by the Raiders as the top two picks overall and their third pick off the board in the top half of the draft.

The number one pick in the draft do-over is Derek Carr to the Houston Texans.

In reality, Carr was the fourth quarterback off the board in that draft; chosen 36 overall at the top of the second round. In this scenario, the Texans opt not to get the freak of nature pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney and instead go second generation and pick the younger brother of their former number one overall pick, David Carr. As it stands, Clowney missed his entire rookie season with an injury and continues to struggle with injury issues. While at quarterback, they can't find a guy and stick with him. Right now it's Brian Hoyer.

The number two overall pick in this scenario becomes Khalil Mack to the Rams.

The Raiders selected with the fifth overall pick and he has been the best pass rusher from that draft. He has 7.0 sacks this season and plenty more pressures and run stops as well. The Rams went with offensive tackle, Greg Robinson in that draft. While Mack is worthy of this high a pick, in a draft do-over scenario, no way this happens. The Rams are loaded with pass rushers. Robinson is still the best offensive tackle from that draft and that's what the Rams needed. should probably distinguish between draft do-overs and simply ranking players.

And the Raiders players aren't done. Heading to the Steelers with the 15th pick is Gabe Jackson.

The big guard was selected in the third round by the Raiders. He has started at left guard since day one and has been one of the best in the league. In this scenario, Jackson becomes the second guard off the board behind rookie All Pro Zack Martin.

As for who they have the Raiders taking at fifth overall with Mack off the board; wide receiver Mike Evans. This after they have the Bills taking Odell Beckham ahead of them instead of their actual pick of Sammy Watkins.

That's cool, guys. But I think the Raiders would prefer not to have a do-over on this one, thanks.