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Amari Cooper becomes Raiders first 1000-yard receiver in a decade

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Early in the third quarter of the Raiders' week 15 game against the Packers, Amari Cooper caught a 41-yard pass up the right sideline. It was a big play that put the Raiders in scoring position in Packers territory. But more so it put Cooper over 1000 yards on the season, making him the first Raiders receiver over 1000 yards since Randy Moss in 2005.

Moss had 1005 yards on that season and Cooper's catch put him at 1008. But he wasn't done on that drive. A few plays later on the same drive, he hauled in a 29-yard touchdown catch -- his second of the day -- and put him at 1034 yards with still a quarter and a half left in this game and two games left in the season after this one.

The touchdown catch also put Cooper over 100 yards in the game (114) for the fifth time this season.

UPDATE: Cooper finished the game with 120 yards on six catches to give him 1040 yards on the season. He now has the most receiving yards by a Raider since the team's Super Bowl season in 2002 when Jerry Rice had 1211 yards.

He is also the only Raiders rookie ever with over 1000 yards receiving.

And counting.