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Raiders 2016 schedule: Home and away opponents set

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's official; the Raiders now know all of their 2016 opponents both home and away. Much of the schedule was set prior to now, but there were two opponents that had yet to be locked in. Those two opponents were to be whichever teams in the AFC North and AFC East finished in the same place in their respective divisions as the Raiders did in the AFC West.

Thursday the Raiders locked in their third spot in the AFC West and as of this afternoon, the third spots in the other divisions were set as well. Those teams will be the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills. Here is what the Raiders entire slate of 2016 home and away opponents looks like:


Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Carolina, Buffalo


Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Baltimore

We will have to wait until after the final week of the season to get the actual strength of schedule, but as of now, it looks considerably easier than the past couple of seasons.