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Jack Del Rio literally references Dumb & Dumber on Raiders playoff chances

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Raiders loss Sunday to the Chiefs, they fell to 5-7 on the season and are all but mathematically out of the playoff race. Jack Del Rio understands this as much as anyone. And to convey those slim chances, Del Rio went with the most classic movie line reference in sports.

"We're disappointed," Del Rio said Monday. "Our fans were so fired up yesterday. There's nothing more that our team wanted to do than deliver a big victory at home, put ourselves in second place, right in the thick of the playoff hunt. Now it's extremely unlikely for us. I think it's obvious. I look at the different probability tables, I think we're 1% chance or something. That's not real good odds. It's kinda like the Dumb & Dumber deal ‘so we still have a chance?' But the reality is we have a good group of players. They believe in each other. We know that we have not played our best football yet. We feel like we have a chance to do that in this next month."

Del Rio went on to say the team's focus is still on the next game. Which happens to be another division match-up in Denver against the 10-2 Broncos who already beat the Raiders this season.

"I still look at it in terms of us doing whatever we can to go into Denver and find a way to win," Del Rio said. "It's about one game at a time. You get what you earn in this league, I believe that. We didn't do enough to earn our way to be in second place (in the division) today. We had that opportunity so that's disappointing. But as far as being excited about playing football, we have the opportunity as a team to go out there and put together a really good football game and that's what we're looking to do."

Four games left and the Raiders would need to win out to finish above .500 and probably have a lot of help as well. It seems more likely by January we'll be talking "Mock, yeah, ing, yeah, bird, yeah...."