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Charles Woodson has Silver & Black Raiders forklift, of course

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I've seen a lot of things decked out in Raiders gear in my life. Pretty much anything you can imagine. Though in all that imagining, a forklift probably wouldn't have entered my mind. But Charles Woodson owns one. Here he is driving it (or at least sitting in it) at his Napa winery.

For those unaware, Woodson is the owner of Twenty Four Wines (now Charles Woodson wines) in the Napa Valley -- which is about an hour North of Oakland. And if you've never seen a bottle of wine with an NFL player on the label, you're welcome for that too:

Woodson opened the winery shortly after he began in NFL career 18 years ago. It is only fitting the ageless wonder runs a winery. Quite a bit of foresight for the 18-year NFL veteran.