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Derek Carr lies awake at night thinking about three interception game, says he'll learn and bounce back

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in his career, Derek Carr threw three interceptions in a game. In fact, he threw three in one quarter and the Raiders then 20-14 fourth quarter lead over the Chiefs turned into a 34-20 loss on Sunday because of it. And Wednesday, Derek Carr admitted this one has gotten to him a bit more than usual.

"It sucks. It does," said Carr of his three interception performance. "It's not fun to watch on film, it's not fun to think about. But for me to bounce back, it's easy, because, like I've told you guys before, it doesn't matter how good it is or how bad it is, I'll always be the same guy. Does it suck? Does it sting? Do I lie awake thinking about it? Absolutely. And it's not for selfish reasons, it's because I feel the hurt of my team and that's what hurts me."

Every day since the Raiders chose Carr with the 36th overall pick in the 2014 draft, he has been looking to learn and progress. And throughout this season, he has shown great progress from his rookie campaign.

What he and his coaches will tell you is the learning process is ongoing. Carr hopes the pain from his experience on Sunday can prove a positive in his approache from here on out.

Though his head coach on Monday said of the three interceptions "It was all a matter of trying to do too much," Carr still insists it was just the first one that was him trying to force a play, calling the others "the most unfortunate things that could happen."

"The first [interception] is me learning," said Carr. "I don't have to make every play. I don't have to try and do everything like I was trying to do. And I hurt my team when I try to do that. I tried to make some heroic play when I didn't need to. So, I learned a lot from it. It hurt, it will be instilled in my mind for a long time, so hopefully I'll just continue to learn from it and not do that going forward."

The most difficult part of learning that lesson for Carr is knowing when to try and make a play or fit the ball in a tight window - as he did on the touchdown to Crabtree earlier in the game - and when to live to play another down. It's about riding that "fine line" as both Carr and Jack Del Rio call it, between being conservative and trying to make a play.

"It's been really hard for me. I go back to when I tried to stiff arm the guy week one. Just trying to spark the team," Carr said of the hand injury he suffered in the season opener. "I have to learn how to control that. I gotta learn how to be smart. I don't need to go take on safeties, I don't need to go take those extra hits. It's ok to slide, it's ok to take the sack in that situation on Sunday. Those are the things that I'm learning and the coaches have done a great job of showing me ways to do those things better."

There are four more games this season, including the Broncos top rated defense coming up this week. He threw an interception in the Raiders' first meeting against the Broncos in week 5.