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If you don't think Raiders need a new stadium this picture might convince you

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We've all heard of the stories of the sewage overflowing at Coliseum during games. It is the last remaining two-sport stadium in major sports; home to the Oakland A's and Raiders. Constructed in 1966, it is second only to historic Lambeau Field as the oldest stadium in the NFL. And this image of cardboard Pepsi cups taped to the ceiling to catch leaks is pretty symbolic of the situation the team is in with their current near 50-year-old relic facility.

In the past couple years, the Raiders have been working diligently to get a new stadium in the works. And over the past year, that process has turned to Los Angeles, due to difficulties getting anything going in Oakland. The need for a new stadium, wherever that might be, has become undeniable.

For now, hopefully the leaking those cups are meant to catch comes from the sky and not from the pipes.