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Rob Riggle Data Vulture, Kim Kardashian highlight strong T-Mobile Super Bowl 2015 commercials

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T-Mobile is back in the ads during the Super Bowl this year with another solid offering. This year it's Rob Riggle with his Data Vulture. The Data Vulture scavenges all the data he doesn't use each month. As the woman in the breakroom points out, if he got T-Mobile, he would get to keep the data he paid for. The vulture doesn't like this.

There is also a 'Behind the Vulturing' video T-Mobile posted that's pretty funny.

T-Mobile will also be running this ad with Kim Kardashian wanting to take selfies of her large, high-priced ass and the outfits she stretches around it. The screen grab they use tell you just what they're really selling with this ad. And it aint phones.

But using the one thing Kim Kardashian actually does (be in front of a camera) is at least accurate, so there's that.

The past couple years, T-Mobile has done well in the Super Bowl ad department. Last year it was this Tim Tebow commercial that was a strong contender for best commercial.