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Guy who called play that cost Seahawks Super Bowl interviewed for Raiders head coach

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

By most accounts the Seattle Seahawks probably should have won the Super Bowl tonight. Down 28-24 with around 30 seconds remaining. They were in second down and goal on the one-yard line and Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. For most people, that would be a no-brainer call -- you hand it to Beast Mode and let him win it for you. But that's not what the Seahawks did. And it cost them the Super Bowl.

Instead of running it with one of the best running backs in football, the Seahawks lined up in a shotgun formation and Russell Wilson threw it over the middle on a slant route, Malcolm Butler stepped in front of it and picked it off and the game was over, giving the Patriots the victory.

The man who called that play is Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell. And the Raider interviewed him for their vacant head coaching position before ultimately hiring Jack Del Rio. And based on that historically terrible play call, it appears they dodged a bullet.

Mark Davis even admitted in Del Rio's introductory press conference that he initially wanted an offensive minded head coach.

"It's kind of funny," said Davis. "When we first had a talk about even having a meeting I told Jack I think I'm going to go in a different direction. I'm thinking about going more offensive with the head coach because we have the young quarterback."

Del Rio was one of just two defensive minded candidates he interviewed along with Eric Mangini. Davis said that Del Rio surprised him by showing an intimate knowledge of the Raiders offensive personnel and it changed his mind. Prior to that, Bevell may have been a serious contender for the job.

Bevell was not just on the Raiders radar. He was a hot name as the OC of the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks who were on their way to a second Super Bowl in a row. The Bills also interviewed him for their opening before they landed former Jets head coach, Rex Ryan.

As if we needed any more evidence that this team's success was thanks to the defense, Marshawn Lynch's power, and Russell Wilson's improvisation. Bevell's bonehead decision snatched Seahawks defeat from the jaws of victory. He isn't getting any head coaching jobs this year. Hell, he may be left at the airport in Glendale for that playcall.