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Mt Dew Kickstarter Super Bowl 2015 commercial will have you convulsing

We know Mt Dew has a lot of caffeine and a lot of sugar. But apparently there's something in their new energy drink, Kickstarter that is a bit more potent. The first two dudes look like they're possessed by the spirit of... something, while the third guy looks like he needs a needs medical attention.

That's to say nothing of everything else in the room which also suddenly begins twerking and pop-locking like they're at a rave. Oh, I get it. It's like when Mt Dew had that product placement in Transformers. Kickstarter has the All Spark and it has the whole den coming to life. Except in this case, they just do the grind on each other.

That's some powerful shit.

This is the extended version. The one that aired during the Super Bowl didn't show as many things dancing as time is at a premium during the Super Bowl. Pretty funny to see all the different things they can make come alive.